About Us

Welcome to the gojilve world !!!!

gojilve is a small initiative to bring more lovely and sexy things (lingerie, costume dressings and pleasurable objects) in your beautiful life .

gojilove comes from the word goji, which is a Chinese berry also called “love berry” and is an aphrodisiac apart from many other health benefits and the saying goes like this  “He who travels one thousand kilometers from home should not eat goji  ”

Gojilve focus on :

  • Great customer service
  • Website easy usage
  • Product innovation (on gojilve range )
  • Breakthrough marketing of our products and websites
  • Privacy policy

Gojilve is unique :

  • We bring world class products from original manufacturers of international brands and made in India products at affordable prices
  • We introduce new, interesting and innovative products for our own brand in India
  • We offer an online market place  while encouraging other start-ups and entrepreneur to bring their products and sell through our website and we help them in marketing their products through aggressive marketing
  • We know customers are king and their privacy are our treasures

Gojilve is the “Wind of Change”

We aim to “ Create awareness and educate society by stating the benefits of pleasurable objects and bring change to the society in controlling population, have better and safe sex lives”.We totally believe change is the only constant thing and we are striving on every path of it .