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Hot Pursuit (nexus) (mass Market Paperback)

Lucy is Master Donald's second favourite. When she tries to ask him a favour, not only does he not h..

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Hotbed (black Lace)

Disaffected journalist Natalie is on the trail of an expose. Her quest for a juicy story leads her t..

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Ill-Equipped for a Life of Sex: A Memoir

A provocative, courageously honest, poignant, and ultimately cheering chronicle of one woman's sexua..

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In Hot Pursuit (sapphire)

Late evening, New York City: young American adventuress Faith Ballard makes a reckless and illegal p..

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Lover's Weekend

Imagine making love in a snowbound chalet and reaching new heights of sexual satisfaction while a fi..

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Magickal Sex: A Witches' Guide to Beds, Knobs and Broomsticks

A perfect guide for anyone who wants to bring some extra-special witch magick into the bedroom. Magi..

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Memoirs Of A Cornish Governess (nexus)

Accepting a position as governess in the household of the eccentric Lord and Lady Whimble, Miss Cons..

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Memoirs Of A Courtesan

When beautiful Lucy Browne, orphaned, penniless and fresh from the country, finds herself abandoned ..

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More Wicked Words: An Erotic Short-story Collection (wicked Words) (mass Market Paperback

Fun, filthy, and sizzling with horny action, this arousing anthology represents the diversity of mod..

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Ms. Behaviour

Santa is a university student with a wonderful new boyfriend and bright future. However, she's also ..

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Odalisque (black Lace) (mass Market Paperback)

Beautiful but scheming Auralie plots to bring about the downfall of her virtuous cousin, Jeanine. Re..

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Opening Acts (black Lace) (mass Market Paperback)

When London actress Holly Parker arrives in a remote Cornish village to begin rehearsing a new play,..

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Peach (nexus) (mass Market Paperback)

Penny Birch is currently the filthiest little minx on the Nexus list, with 15 titles already publish..

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Pet Training In The Private House (nexus) (mass Market Paperback)

To the unititiated, Hillingbury seems much like any other dormitory home-counties surburb, but to th..

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Petting Girls (nexus) (mass Market Paperback)

Amber Oakley is suspicious when dominant couple Morris and Melody Rathwell invite her to judge their..

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