Healing candles combo - (Amethyst + Lavender Fragrance) + (Tiger Eye +Mandarin ) + (Rose Quartz + Ylang ylang)

-17% Out Of Stock  Healing candles combo - (Amethyst + Lavender Fragrance) + (Tiger Eye +Mandarin ) + (Rose Quartz + Ylang ylang)


Name: Healing Candles

Burning time: 24-30 hours 

Purpose: Healing, rituals, and Reiki ritual purpose

Healing candles are made with stones or crystals to heal or make us better.

Amethyst is the natural stone healer with spiritual healing properties and relieves people from stress and strain, balances mood swings,

controls anger, fear and anxiety. It helps the mind to a meditative state and also brings consciousness to the mental activity .

Amethyst is also known for its ability to make people think clearly and greater understanding. It also purifies the aura of negative energy or attachments and 

protect us from negative vibes 

Amethyst when combining with lavender fragrance brings more relaxation and better benefits

Tiger Eye is a protective stone, which protects from evil eyes and brings good luck to the user. It is also a mood lifter and stress reliever

and helps to bring peace to any conflict. It helps with conflict resolution

Tiger eye crystals when paired with mandarin fragrance brings a fresh perspective to the life and eradicate negative energy and bring a new perspectives 

in life 

Rose quartz is known for the heart healing process. It helps in removing the blockage of the hearts and bring fresh positive love from every side

It brings the energy of love and aura of romance to rekindle amongst the people 

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