A guide for your daughter beginner's bra

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A girl’s right age to wear a bra is not defined till now but as a mom who worries about her daughter’s well being, you can at least start prepping for her

to wear a bra when she began having these signs –

1. When there are some changes in the chest area

2. When she asks you about some bra shopping

Usually, a girl starts developing her chest area at the age of 8-9 and she feels the change in the body and her friends start wearing beginner’s bras she will also feel the need and pressure of it

Some of the bras we always suggest in considering for your daughter’s bras are

1. Non Padded bras – Bras without any underwire and cups


2. Comfort bras – bras with a pad that helps in lifting the chest


3. Nonpadded trainer’s bra- A lightweight bra like a sports bra without pads and cups and can give a good guide in wearing the adult bra

Make sure the bras fit her comfortably from the band size around her chest and not loose and make her uncomfortable wearing them.