Why does the bride wear "Red Bras" on their wedding night !!!

Posted by SIMRAN 09/01/2020 0 Comment(s) Exotic,



Red normally symbolises "Love" .

If someone wears a red bra, it signifies she is flirty, fun and loving.

Red color also talks about being dominant and attraction.

It also gives a signal to your partner that you are being in the mood of love and care




For a bridal set to be completed, it always is good if the bra set is lacy and soft material as the bra is going to be 

worn under a blouse, gown it definitely gives a good and comfortable wear on the d- day to carry off swiftly

Bras are normally can be brought as strapless or with strap depending on the kind of blouse or gown you are 





Red can be of Bright Red, Maroon red, plum red etc

It is also advisable to keep few bras as a spare incase if there is any emergency and you can keep problems at bay 


Happy wedding !!