Is it ok to wear bra while you sleep ?

Posted by SIMRAN 04/05/2021 0 Comment(s)

Yes, you can wear bra ( comfort sleep bra) while you sleep

There has been many debates or questions asked if we can wear bras while we are asleep.

The answer has been quite distinct saying either you dont wear or you can wear. There is no concrete 

study saying you can't wear bras in sleep rather many women prefer wearing bras while sleeping . They feel it 

makes them secure and safer from sagging it .


Rather choose a comfortable bra which makes you breathe and doesnt come hard on your body so we are introducing 

our  Gojilove sleep comfort bras which is comfortable , breathable and wireless bra. It allows you to feel secure and is like another skin 


Gojilove sleep bras are fully coverage bra with no wire attached and seamless 

They are quick dry fabrics, easy to wear and breathable all day.