Support Talent and Local Made

Posted by SIMRAN 12/01/2021 0 Comment(s)

Stories from Lockdown '20 

We met priyanka during those strict lockdown times in 2020 through social media post and saw her selling - "Mask and other accessories" through her page 

We asked if she wanted to make the same for gojilove and collaborate with us . We did some sampling on few designs and quite like her eagerness, neat skill hands and crafting and told her to make some designs to see if she really is good . Every product she made was quite fantastic and took my feedback seriously and improved on every next order 
She is a Nursing student and came to Imphal during the lockdown'20 and started this initiative as her hobby and passion 


2 weeks back - Priyanka called me and said she will be going back to her studies and has still some cloth material inventory. We asked her how much she have and to give me some time to check my inventory too.

We called her back and said give me all and whatver you can and dont waste any cloth material ( even if its in stock )

Today, she came to deliver all the products she made and asked her to join for a tea. We felt so glad that we met many girls like Priyanka who are collaborating and learning with us , started as thier hobby and making it as a business with feedback on quality and designs from us.

Thank god, We could encouraged many youth and inspired them more and support them too.


Its good that she is going to get the nursing degree this 2021, with this amazing passion we can see a bright and independent lady in future 

To many more Priyankas ..
Gojilove team