To a more comfortable period time

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Ever thought you don’t want to miss any fun, schools,colleges,meetings and socials during that time of the month ? Then you don’t need to miss as we are giving you back any day you want to have your own. We give you the liberty of going anywhere while being comfortable which you have with our anti leakage and period proof panty- gojilove period proof panty!!


Gojilove period proof panty gives you a secure and comfortable time during the period/menstrual time. With this anti leaking process, it can absorb and prevent the stains to be on pants/dress/ skirt  when you go out or party or get up in next morning.



Its antibacterial, eco friendly and its breathable material gives a soft touch when you wear it.



It is exactly the girls best friend on these days of uncomfortability.

We want to emphasize to you all- If you are a father, brother, husband or best friend, you all can make your loved one life much easy and less painful. Its not easy for every girl, lady and woman to go through this time of the month and sometimes many are abandoned from school, offices,socials, get-together and meetings due to the fear and scared thought of leakage and period stains.



We, at are very much concern with the health of every human being and would love to recommend this wonderful product which has been recommended by many of our customers. Some od the recommendations are attached below:-





Hi all ladies, this product is worth buying. I personally used it and its so convenient too. I would like to recommend all ladies to use this very woman friendly products to ease during period.



Love the product, so good and useful.

Dont forget to get it for your loved ones and make them feel blessed and loved always.