Weekend lust : 3 Summer detox- a must!!

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Weekend lust : 3 Summer detox- a must!!


If you want to start a healthy way of life or you want to flux out all the food you have eaten, a detox and clean eating habit is an essential but if you want to feel less bloated and purify all the toxins, we recommend you to drink or detox your body with these 3 essentials drinks

1. Early morning detox with easily available lemon and lukewarm water


An early morning wake up  followed by a lukewarm water with lemon slices to purify all the leftover toxins is the best way to have a healthy life.

2. A slush drink



If you are one of those who love juices and smoothies, you go for this. Instead of having a heavy breakfast meal or prior to breakfast you can have this fresh fruit juices or slush which is filling and fresh. Go seasonal and we love everything seasonal from Mango to watermelon. The choices are unlimited.


3. Green tea

What else we say about green tea. It has great anti oxidants properties and flushes all the toxins from the liver. It also helps in fighting many diseases related to  cholesterol and heart and also helps in fighting against diabetes.


Enjoy the weekend and love every moment.

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